Buy the Right Home, at the Right Price and in the Right Location

Those three home buying goals seem pretty simple and straightforward but there are many, many steps and decisions along the way. You’ll need an experienced, capable and understanding team to help you realize your goals.

Our clients will tell you – that team is the Sisters Home Team.

Over the years, Sylvie Hariski and Julie Serré-Matthews of the Sisters Home Team have worked with first-time buyers nervously stepping into the unfamiliar world of home buying, and more experienced buyers who may well be on their second, third or more home purchases.

Regardless of where you land in terms of home buying experience, the Sisters Home Team will make your home-buying journey hassle-free and stress-free.

Young couples and singles, growing families, soon to be empty nesters and people beginning new life chapters – Sylvie and Julie have helped them all find homes that fit their lives, needs and budgets. Buying a home with the help of the Sisters Home Team starts with understanding your home buying situation – your wish list, your schedule, your comfort zones, your lifestyle and your financial parameters.

At every step of the way the Sisters Home Team will be there to help:

  • You’ll save valuable time searching for homes because Sylvie and Julie will focus on the homes that fit what you are looking for.

  • You’ll benefit from having experienced negotiators working for you during the white-knuckle offer, counter-offer and closing stages. It’s safe to say that Sylvie and Julie negotiate more home purchases in a few months that many people negotiate in a lifetime.

  • Honesty always. You will receive straightforward advice, period. You’ll never be left wondering about the pluses and minuses of the homes you look at and you’ll be kept informed of all your options.

  • You’ll be fully supported and connected to other services when you need them. From helping you get pre-qualified for a mortgage to recommending home inspectors, contractors, real estate lawyers and more, Sylvie and Julie can save you time and aggravation by connecting you to their vetted network of professionals and services.

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