What You Should Know About Home Closing Costs in Ottawa

Closing costs is a home buying term that will likely be known to anyone who has purchased a home but, learning about closing costs may come as a shocker to anyone who is buying a home in Ottawa for the first-time.

While by far the biggest line item in your home budget will be the purchase of your new home, there are a few other costs that should be anticipated. These costs can often amount to an additional one to one and a half percent of a home’s selling price.
Closing Costs that You Should Budget for include:

  • Property valuation fee (required by Banks)
  • Land transfer tax
  • Lawyer’s fees
  • Title insurance
  • Moving costs
  • Home insurance

Items above are the standard charges but in some cases, there may be other closing costs. When you work with the Sisters Home Team, you will be kept fully informed about all possible costs for a surprise-free closing.

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