Different Skills, Different Styles and the Same Commitment to Service.

Like many sisters, Sylvie Hariski and Julie Serre-Matthews share some things but are very, very different in other ways. They share a love of working with people and a commitment to providing the highest levels of service to the individuals, couples and families they help in buying and selling homes.

Interestingly they also worked in entirely different careers and industries before discovering (at different times) their passion for and enjoyment of the fast-paced world of real estate.

Before combining their real estate practices to form the Sisters Home Team in 2019, Sylvie and Julie had collaborated on many home sales and purchases while maintaining their independence.

After a while, it occurred to them that the sum of their skills and capabilities was probably far greater than what they could deliver as individuals. They also realized that two heads along with two hearts could provide much more of what today’s clients in residential real estate need.

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